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“Branding” has become one of the biggest buzzwords thrown around the world of online business and within various creative industries the last couple of years. It’s used on a daily basis, in emails, client proposals, e-courses, webinars and in phone and Skype conversations. When you really think about it, as a business owner or someone involved in design or development, could you REALLY define branding? What it truly means, represents and why it exists? Maybe yes, maybe no. You might be told why it’s important and why you need to invest in it, but do you truly understand WHY?

"Branding is a foundation and a future, a never-ending process that you will keep evolving for as long as your brand and business are around. Your brand is everything from the visual style that you create around your logo, website, stationery, advertising and other collateral — to the tone, voice and language that you choose to use through the messaging that you share with your audience — to the overall personality that it represents across a multitude of platforms and mediums.

A brand is like a body that needs all of its parts connected and communicating in order for it to function correctly —and brand(ing) is the actual implementation, strategy and support of those parts."

I can tell you that this is just the beginning — a small excerpt from my new (and free!) resource, “Branding 101: A quick and simple guide to what it is, what it isn’t and why you need it” — now available for download. There are a lot of guides people have created and blog posts you can read that will explain the basics of branding — and many of them are well-written. What makes my guide different is the simplicity of it. It is very basic, short, straightforward, easy to read and literally tells you what it truly is — more importantly what it is NOT and why as a business owner, you really do need it.

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