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Are you ready to create or uplevel a visual brand for your business or do you need a go-to designer as part of your team each month?


Are you a small business owner that needs DIY tips on branding + design?

Or, are you so busy focusing on what you're good at in your business (plus, you don't have the extra time or skills) that you really just need to work with a dependable, go-to designer — who will either take care of your entire visual identity and/or serve as an extension of your team, as a creative partner, helping to develop print + digital graphics on a monthly basis?

Either way, you've come to the right place!

Jessie is an incredibly talented designer, plus just a joy to work with! She has completed numerous branding and design projects in a wide range of formats over the past year for me, all with perfection. She is responsive, reliable, and everything you would dream of for a designer!
— Katie Patel, Atlanta Mission

If you're just interested in getting tips around design, branding and entrepreneurship OR want to download a simple guide to learning more about branding, check out these resources:

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Checkout our collection of latte mugs, tote bags, spiral notebooks and ladies tees! There are "feel good goods" for any leading lady, whether she is a small business owner, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or just a boss at life (a mother, daughter, sister, best friend, co-worker or neighbor.) Sweet and simple items for any hardworking, ambitious and tough female — whether she is building her empire at work or home.

Non-Designers & New Designers is here!


A simple breakdown of file formats, image resolution, typography, color systems and theory (and associated terms) — for non-designers and new designers. This digital booklet is for you if you’re a small business owner who is either looking to DIY your design + branding for now or you’re working with a professional designer — and you want to have a base-level understanding of specific design systems, platforms and terminology. This resource is also for you if you happen to be a new designer and you’re still trying to wrap your head around a few of the ins and outs of design, as you begin to work with your first clients and want to give them a great experience!

I'm Jessie Ford Coots, the owner + designer behind Untethered. To understand who I am as a person, competitive barrel racer (yes, I own quarter horses!) and creative entrepreneur (and where my business namesake originated), you should know that...

Once upon a time, when I was 17, I underwent two major (and unexpected) back surgeries. The first procedure corrected something called a "tethered spinal cord" (that I had unknowingly, my entire life) causing me to have severe scoliosis. The second procedure, two months later, was a 9-hour spinal fusion surgery that straightened my spine (already so curved from the scoliosis) with stainless steel rods, bolts, screws + wires — all after which, my life was changed. I was sidelined from not only competing, but riding horses in general, for over a year.

Now, does the name "Untethered" make sense?

Scoliosis and surgery took a year of my "normal life" from me, but I recovered and bounced back stronger than ever before. I now use the drive and ambition that I gained from my life-threatening medical experiences to inspire others (especially fellow female entrepreneurs) to create a visual brand that gives their business (and in turn, their life) the freedom to grow and flourish as much as possible — and to never be held down. 

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