Monthly design partnerships
let's customize a package that best fits your needs!

These partnerships are for businesses and organizations that already have established brands, but need on-going design projects completed each month (such as social media graphics, print/online ads, stationery, brochures, PDFs, sales pages, booklets, reports + more.) No matter the pricing level that you choose, this style of working with me will help you to plan ahead, have less stress with tracking and paying multiple invoices and always know exactly what you're getting each month! 

As each new month begins, you will have the ability to change your model for the month. Using retainer models gives you ongoing access to me to help with whatever projects you have each month. The consistency in my schedule allows me to provide better service to you. And by purchasing my time upfront, you receive a preferred retainer rate and get more bang for your buck. This allows you to have a long-term partnership with a professional, full-service designer (me) and I can be your go-to pro, the gal you can trust who will always deliver and execute your projects with the highest quality and a quick turnaround time! Spend your precious time focusing on the tasks that you’re good at — and leave the design to me! 

Example retainer models per month:

10 hours: $500

15 hours: $750

20 hours: $1000

21+ hours: $2000 (or, we can customize a unique package just for your needs!)


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