I'm so glad that you're here! I'm Jessie, the owner + designer behind Untethered. When I was 17, I underwent two back surgeries. One corrected the "tethered spinal cord" that I had and the other was a spinal fusion surgery (thanks to scoliosis.) Now, does the name "Untethered" make sense?

I now live with not one (but two) metal rods in my back. Scoliosis and surgery took a year of my "normal life" from me, but I recovered and bounced back stronger than ever before. I now use the drive and ambition that I gained from my life-threatening medical experiences to inspire others, especially female entrepreneurs (like me) and other small businesses/organizations to elevate their identities with clean, simple and vibrant branding + design. Learn more about how to work with me.

Your business brand should never be tethered (held down + restricted like my spinal cord once was!) Instead, it should be given all of the freedom in the world to grow and flourish! 

I’m a one-woman design shop, with the ability to help you make your audiences feel and experience everything that your brand has to offer, without the price and extra fees that come with hiring an agency. If you're new to running a business (or been at it a while and don't have a cohesive visual identity, or you're in desperate need of a rebrand) and you need help with logo creation, website development and the design of print + digital materials, I'm your girl. Or, if you're already professionally-branded, but you're in need of consistent materials designed each month (like social media or blog graphics, PDFs, handouts, signage, templates + more) a monthly design partnership with me might be the perfect fit for your business. Check out my different offerings here — from (3) branding and logo design packages to monthly retainer levels — and see what option might be best for your brand's needs.

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Photos courtesy of Anna K Photography / Louisville, KY