2 big reasons why you should package your services

I’ve covered the topic of working within retainers (if you’re a service provider, this means getting paid a one-time flat fee by your client each month in exchange for a set number of hours or completed projects) and the benefits for both the client and designer (or any service provider.) In a very similar way, packaging your services can also be beneficial to you and your clients.

When I say package your services, I don’t necessarily mean working within a retainer model, but simply offering more than one completed project at a time to your clients. For example, I offer brand packages to small businesses that either need a visual identity created from scratch or who want to rebrand in a new and fresh way. Instead of creating just a logo for them, I also design and develop a website and other branded materials to get them up and running. This can include a bundle of social media graphics, brochures, postcards, Facebook ads, display signage and more. When a client purchases the package, they understand all of the print + digital bits and pieces that come with it and that it’s an investment, like anything else in their business. It will serve them not only right now, but also in the long run. A professional identity will make “all of their things” look cohesive and legitimate, whether someone comes across their site, a business card, an ad, a video, a blog post or a social media account. When finished pieces are packaged, it improves a client’s brand and allows you to help them grow and scale their business. Below are 2 big reasons why packaging services to your client is especially beneficial…

1. You provide more overall value to your clients.

The saying stands true in this case, “you get more bang for your buck.” Yes, it’s more work to execute multiple projects instead of just one, but in turn, you’re creating more strategies, platforms and/or materials for your client, which equals more value. The longer that you work with someone, you become a trusted expert for him or her. They know that you can handle more than one thing and as weeks, months or even years go by, you’re building a more long-term relationship and partnership with them. You will end up being hired for more work and your clients will refer you to others. You get to also show off that you have more than one skillset. Within my all-inclusive packages, my client gets to see their brand literally come to life one step at a time — from the form of a static logo, to an interactive website, to other tangible products.

2. You can charge higher rates and make more money.  

Because you’re creating multiple things for the same client, you obviously get to generate more income. You can price higher flat fees, because your packages are so valuable and consist of multiple items. In the long run, you will make more money than just developing one-off pieces because packages naturally are more costly (but worth it!) and investments — and you become more an extension/team member of your client’s brand. You’ll continue to be a go-to pro for them to hire over and over again. I would personally rather have 3 or 4 solid client relationships who give me work that I enjoy year-round (and who pay well) — instead of 30 different clients who only use me one time and don’t see an investment in my work or who don’t pay me on time.   

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