3 reasons that you need a brand board

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If you’re a small business owner and you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you’ve probably come across hundreds of brand boards. Do you have one created, whether you’ve DIY’d you own branding or you’ve worked with a designer? If so, fantastic! It’s a crucial element of your overall visual identity. And, if not, you’re in luck! It’s never too late to create one.

A brand board is simply a quick glance at the graphic aspects of your brand identity. It’s usually an elongated image that displays your logo, font samples, color palette and any icons, illustrations or other assets that make up your brand. I even include inspiration photos that I’ve used during the design process that influence the end result — colors, patterns, textures and more. While a brand board is separate from your brand/style guidelines (a more in-depth document that breaks down the specific details about your brand and how to properly use your standards) a brand board is still the first step in establishing a professional identity and in shaping the brand guide, which might come at the end of the branding process — tying the whole story together. Why do you need a brand board? Let me count the ways...

You will look more professional.

Having a brand board establishes that you have a sophisticated, confident and legitimate brand. It shows that you have put the time and work into mastering the perfect look, emotional experience, style and vibes that will attract your ideal client base.

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You will have “at a glance” standards for vendors + partners to reference and follow.

When you’re working with a developer on your website, a printer or a coordinator for an event that you’re helping to sponsor, etc., they will have quick and easy access to your official identity. Although they won’t see detailed descriptions or directions, they will still know how your logo should look — and if they need to incorporate any colors, fonts or other assets — and what they are. They will be able to ensure that the platform representing your brand is accurately expressing it.  

You will have a quick overview of your visual identity — at your fingertips.

Using your brand board, you will be able to reference specific color codes and fonts without having to take the time to look them up. If you’re creating social media graphics in Canva, making updates to your website or even getting your logo embroidered or screen printed onto clothing or a bag, you will need to know your exact fonts and colors. Instead of tracking down emails or contacting your designer, simply reference your brand board! It’s handy to keep a print copy nearby or a PDF that you can easily open at any time. Even keep a JPEG saved to your phone or iPad — you never know when you might need it!

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