Could you use a creative makeover?

Isn't it funny how we can create something that (in the moment) we feel is so right and so perfect? A logo design, a painting, a DIY Pinterest-inspired craft for our home, a scrapbook, you name it. Then, we can revisit it 3-4 years later and think, "What was I thinking? This is awful!" 

I have found myself more than once looking back on my college portfolio, somehow still loving a few select designs, but most of the time absolutely HATING the work that I cranked out for four years. Now, I don't regret any of it as I loved college (would totally do it over, that's how amazing Ohio University and its School of Visual Communication really is, I promise) and I obviously was a student — learning, growing and experimenting with my artistic abilities, Mac and Adobe skills. All of that work led me to have wonderful internships, which led me to some some really great jobs (working for other people) which finally led me to be able to build up a client base of my own and work full-time for myself. Everything we do (good or bad, success or failure) is simply a life lesson or stepping stone to the next great thing that we are meant to experience and live. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes what we are doing in the moment is truly the best that we can do (in the moment) - in that very current spot in time. But, it's also okay to learn how (and want to) learn more and do better the next time. At this point in my design career, I can pinpoint exact things that I need to do to better my portfolio, increase my reach, build a loyal client base and work smarter, not harder. But, I must always keep an open mind and stay hungry and ambitious — never wanting to settle. I want my business and I to always be on the way up — and more than what we were yesterday. Sometimes we grow by leaps and bounds, other times we take baby steps. At the end of the day, though, it's important to recognize when we (or our businesses) need to be better. And, when it comes to giving your business or creative venture a makeover (or sometimes facelift) — it's important to decide whether you need to DIY it or actually bite the bullet and hire a professional. (And that's where I come in.) 

It's perfectly okay if you are just starting out and don't have the budget or means to pay a designer to take care of your branding — which, by the way, is SO much more than just a logo. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a mini branding guide that I am currently working on for DIYers/beginners who maybe can't quite afford my professional design services just yet. But, if you see the importance in having a sleek and sophisticated identity (logo, website, stationery, social media graphics + more) whether you're still a start-up or a business that's been around for over 20 years and you're ready to make the investment, then you're already lightyears ahead of some businesses that are complacent, comfortable and will never upgrade, update or change their visual presences. Many businesses like that are still perfectly successful and maybe don't feel that they need to spend the money to change anything — and that's their choice. But in the long run, they will still be missing out on what could be new business, a greater customer following and additional revenue. Bottom line and this is a promise: when a business has their stuff together — a brand that is consistent and professional — they will appear to be so much more trustworthy and legitimate to their existing clients and prospective ones. Period.

You can always stay in the same place and never move up or forward. It's one thing to be happy with where you are or even settle, but it's another to hinder yourself and your business from growing simply out of ignorance, close-mindedness and lack of branding knowledge. Trust me when I say that any business, big or small, new or old, will absolutely gain more clients and make that much more money each year if they have a truly professional brand. One that has strategy behind it, has been thoroughly thought-out, has attention to detail and is consistent across different mediums and platforms. To be the part, you have to look the part. So, let's visualize — and chat about how together, we can find a branding package that will fit your needs to "look the part." Everyday is a good day for a visual makeover. What are you waiting on? 

Visit my current packages and offerings to find the right option that fits your wants, needs and budget or email me directly to talk about creative consulting around the ideas of branding, if you can't find exactly what you need. We will make it happen for you and your business, I promise!