QUICK TIP: How many fonts do you need for your brand?

One of the most popular questions that I get from entrepreneurs who are ready to brand their businesses is, “how many fonts do I need?” While you may use a different and unique typeface just for your logo (which is perfectly normal and fine) — you do need to establish at least a couple of typefaces to be consistently used on all of your print and web materials. Your typography selections are just as crucial to your brand as your color palette. They play a huge role in contributing to the overall look and feel of your identity — and it’s important to get them right.

You really shouldn’t use more than (3) typefaces on a regular basis. When more than three are used and not consistently, it makes your brand look confusing, not sophisticated and not professional. Plan to just stick with a classic serif (for example, think “Garamond”) as well as a clean and modern sans serif (again, think “Gotham.”) The third exception is a script/handwritten typeface, which can be used in special instances. Read below to find the definition of each one. Above all else, always remember to keep it simple!

1. Serif

A serif typeface has little lines (or strokes) added as embellishments at the ends of characters. Times New Roman is a generic example. These are good to use when reading large blocks of text (like you often see in books) and are great for professional and traditional purposes.

2. Sans serif

A sans serif typeface doesn’t have the serif strokes coming off its characters. Arial and Helvetica are common examples. This style of font has a cleaner, more modern look and feel.

 3. Script  

Finally, a script typeface is, as you might guess, “script-y.” It’s meant to look like cursive handwriting, or on a fancier level, even calligraphy. It’s meant to not be overused, but is great for accenting pullout or highlighted words in a headline or quote. I like to use one to complement my pair of serif and sans serif fonts in a brand to give designs a personal, classy and sophisticated touch.

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