3 reasons why hiring a designer is an investment, not an expense

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If you’re a small business owner, but not a designer, you might be spending a lot of time creating the visual branding and miscellaneous designs for promoting your business — from your logo, to your website, to your social media graphics, business cards and beyond. In your mind, you justify working on these tasks yourself instead of delegating them because you might think that you don’t have the extra money to pay a professional designer. And, there is nothing wrong with DIY-ing any aspect of your business for a little while, especially when you’re just starting out or don’t have the extra funds. Been there, done that (and still doing it to some extent!)

However — look at things a different way. The time and energy that you spend on designing could be spent working in other areas of your business — the things that you’re really good at and enjoy doing. If you’re like me, you’ve heard this philosophy countless times — outsource what you don’t have time for or don’t enjoy. Spend time working on your business, not in your business. And, it’s incredibly true. When you’re a service provider especially, time is money. You trade hours for dollars. When you spend a few hours a week in Canva creating graphics for an upcoming launch or event, or in a DIY website builder like Wix making updates to your site, you’re spending the same hours that could be spent serving your clients, making you money. Your own business development is very important, just like your paying work, but you would actually save a lot of time, mental capacity (and therefore, money) if you would hire a pro who could take all of those extra tasks off of your plate. How does that sound?

Here are (3) big reasons why you should look at hiring a designer to help you run your business — and why it’s an investment in the long run — and not “just another” expense.

1. A designer becomes apart of your team and understands your brand.

When you hire the right designer, they become your dependable, go-to creative pro. Someone you know who you can always count on. This is something that I pride myself on, when working with my clients. A designer can become a creative extension of your team… a partner… and someone with whom you build a strong, long-term relationship. They are someone who you can trust and who knows your brand inside and out. They can master your look and feel… and most importantly, will keep things consistent and always looking professional. They can also stay on top of print and digital trends, bringing new ideas to the table, so that your overall brand identity stays fresh, modern and relevant.

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2. You will save time and money.

As touched on at the beginning, if you’re a service provider, you are trading hours for dollars. You only have so much time in the day. Wouldn’t you rather spend time getting client work done and other tasks that you enjoy (and will make you money?) When you’re DIY-ing graphics, it’s easy to get lost in a program, unsure of choosing fonts and colors, what file formats to use, how to download high-resolution photos and more — and before you know it, 3 hours have gone by and been lost. Instead, why don’t you rest easy knowing that your visuals are being taken care of in a timely fashion, with no issues, by someone who is an expert?

3. Your business will grow and look professional.

Once you hire a designer, you have access to a pro who can turn around most any creative project that you can dream up. Whether you need a landing page for a new course that you’re launching, pins to be uploaded to Pinterest that ultimately drive traffic to your website, a brochure or flier to pass out at a local networking event or Facebook ads for a new campaign, your designer can create these deliverables quickly and efficiently — which allows you to show up across multiple platforms, several times a day. The more that you are visually out there, the more that you are seen and positioned as an expert at what you do. Professional visuals can more easily attract the right clients and customers. And again, because you’re not creating these materials yourself, you’re making more money in your business by getting your own work done at a faster pace and for more clients — and ALL of these things simply add up to more money in your pocket. As your brand identity continues to grow, so will your business. And, you will always look legitimate and professional — and taken seriously — because your branding is consistent and created by the same person time after time.  

3 benefits of working within retainers

As a designer, I still do some “one-off” work (AKA individual projects) for a few select clients that I really enjoy working with. However, I transitioned my business model last year to working with other long-term clients “on retainer.” I learned how to budget time and work within this kind of style thanks to my agency background. If you’re not sure what a “retainer” is, it’s simply a way for a designer (or any creative professional or service provider) to offer either a set number of hours or completed projects to a client for a one-time/set fee each month in return.

Now, retainers aren’t always a good fit for every client/designer relationship. It is definitely a smart idea for established brands that need regular and consistent work created each month. But, if you own a business that is starting from scratch and has some foundational materials to get you up and running, you might not need 20-40 hours of work completed each month right away. Regardless, I’ve outlined below the 3 biggest benefits (I’ve experienced) for designers and their clients alike, if a retainer partnership is developed.

1. Expectations are more easily met.

Using retainer models gives a client ongoing access to a trusted designer and the consistency in the designer’s schedule allows them to provide better service to the client. By purchasing the designer’s time upfront, the client receives a preferred retainer rate and gets more bang for their buck. This style of working with a designer will help a business owner to plan ahead, have less stress with tracking and paying multiple invoices and they will know exactly what they’re getting each month! Both the client and designer can be on the same page and know what work is coming down the pipeline. As a result, there is better organization and deadlines are clear. This keeps (negative) surprises from happening and there is a more efficient workflow for both parties.

2. For a designer, there is less “chasing work” and wondering where your next client or paycheck is coming from.

This was my biggest reason for transitioning to working within retainers. I don’t have to create a proposal or provide an estimate/quote for each individual project, I don’t have to send multiple invoices and I get paid a lot quicker and at the same time each month. This obviously allows me to have a more solid source of income. Rather than quoting and designing 5 different jobs for a client that might altogether total $900-1,000 at the end of the month, I can count on a guaranteed $1500-2000 a month and maybe even end up doing less work — and getting that $1500-2000 amount in one lump sum, not 5 separate payments or checks. If I have a slower month when I don’t book as many branding jobs, I know that I at least have 2-3 retainers that guarantee me with work. And, that’s certainly reassuring!   

3. More long-term relationships are developed and higher-premium work is produced.     

For a client, the biggest benefit is that they have a trusted partner and aren’t just working with a random contractor they found online, who doesn’t quite know their brand or style. This allows growth for both businesses. The client can scale their business and better plan for the year and the designer can execute better work because they know exactly what the client needs and when. I personally like to review what’s coming up for the month with my clients and outline 3-4 larger projects that they know for sure need to be completed, so that I can make notes and plan my schedule accordingly.

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